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 As a prospective buyer… you may or may not recognize the value that an astute buyer’s broker brings to the table, and I don’t mean just the closing table. There is an old axiom in the real estate business; you make your money on the buy side. While that is often true it’s not the most important function of a good buyer’s broker. A buyer’s broker’s experience and knowledge of the market product combined with the ability to communicate the same contributes more to a smooth and successful transaction for everyone. When the real estate bullble burst the Taos market was greatly affected and has changed in ways that nobody would have ever predicted. No one knows yet what the new normal is or is going to be, but the knowledge I’ve gained through my thirty plus years of experience allows me to recognize opportunity in times of adversity. This amounts to something more than Taos being presently a buyer’s market. Even today some people would not categorize Taos as a buyer’s market and you as a prospective buyer should want to know why. I got my start in real estate by first purchasing properties so I’ve always felt that I can walk in any buyer’s shoes. In any business the customer should come first, middle and last. If my buyer clients feel positive about their experience with me I feel confident that they will refer to me as a “good” Realtor. That’s all I’m after.


If you are interested in selling… I would like to speak with you about your situation. I will be happy to prepare a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) for your property. In these challenging real estate times it is more important than ever to have a comprehensive market analysis prepared by your prospective Realtor(s). If you are interested in hiring me to be your Listing Broker, you may rest assured that I will do a comprehensive job marketing your property. Just prior to listing your job will be to provide me with all the written information that you have on your property. My job will be to read and analyze that information and decide how we can best list your property for sale. Sometimes, a property is just not sellable initially. There are many reasons for this but you as a seller need to know why your property is not sellable upfront, before we execute a purchase agreement that we cannot move forward to closing because of a “glitch” in the chain of title. Quite often it’s easy to remedy an unsellable situation prior to listing, but much harder and more expensive to fix with an accepted deal already on the table. So let’s talk, if we’re in agreement about pricing your property then the most contentious aspect of listing it has already been resolved.



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